Here are my singing lesson prices:


ONE HOUR - £30

Most of my students take a one hour singing lesson each week, with a few students taking lessons fortnightly. The frequency of our singing lessons is totally up to you! I am more than happy to work around your current work, family and social life to find a time for our singing lesson that works best for the both of us. I have found from experience that half hour lessons each week work best for children under 10, for more information don't hesitate to get in touch!


"I had always wanted to learn to sing but was unsure what to expect from lessons. Luckily Vicki is a great teacher and after only a few lessons had me feeling much more confident about my voice!" - (Liam)

Brian McBride:

Here at Singing Lessons Glasgow we are fortunate to work with a second fantastic singing teacher, Brian McBride, to help cater for the high numbers of students interested in learning to sing and develop their vocal abilities. I am pleased to introduce Brian, a professional vocal coach based in Glasgow, to you further below.

Singing Lessons Glasgow Teacher

Teacher Bio:

Hello! My name is Brian and I am an experienced Vocal Coach based in central Glasgow where I specialise in training singers in classical, pop/rock and musical theatre. My firm knowledge of classical technique allows me to ensure that each student is progressing to their highest standard whilst maintaining an understanding and grasp of good technique that is required for a healthy, sustainable sound. I have an intelligible grasp of the mechanics of the voice which allows me to discover, with each student, where their true voice lies. Once that has been developed, the next task is to allow that voice to grow through technical exercises specific to the singers needs and exploring repertoire to sing. As a classical performer myself, I have a passion for discovering, nurturing and encouraging each individual who is looking to discover or develop their voice. My lessons are upbeat, involved, fun and encouraging.

As the lessons develop I encourage, though it is certainly not compulsory, some students to progress through an examination board of their choice (ABRSM, high school, LCM, TRINITY) suited to the style he or she sings in. I am determined with each student that he or she gains the highest mark that they are able to achieve and I am happy that with this work ethic all my students have a 100% pass rate thus far. I also have a vast knowledge of the different musical programmes offered around Scotland if you wish to audition for further education. I have prepared a number of students for schools such as Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Stage School of Scotland, GAMTA, Motherwell, MGA Academy and further afield in the London colleges. It is important that you are happy in your lessons and that you are getting from it what you desire - this can be from a hobby and fun experience, to building the steps toward a career in singing. I have a true love for my job and hope that I pass on my passion for singing to my students - remember, everyone has a voice, you only need to discover it and let it grow.

Each voice is different and each student’s goals will be as well, I will help you find your voice as a singer, enabling you to reach your full singing potential! All lessons are tailored to the individual needs of the student whether following a syllabus and sitting exams such as ABRSM or Trinity or if just to build up the courage to sing Karaoke! I would be more than happy to teach you to sing if you are interested, to book a lesson with me simply email



ONE HOUR - £30


Ness Street, G33 2QP, Glasgow.


"I hadn't sung for years before I had singing lessons with Brian. He gave me the confidence to start singing again and I am so pleased with my improvements" - Derek

"I already had singing lessons but wasn't getting the best out of them. I have been going to Brian for singing lessons for 1 year now and I am working as a professional singer. I can't believe the transformation in such a short space of time" - Angela

"I'm a singer song writer and wanted help improving my voice. I brought my guitar and own songs to my lessons and Brian transformed the way I sing them. He taught me how to use my voice properly and made me sing so much better." - Jason

"I bought a block of singing lessons for my husband as a Christmas gift and he loved it. It was so unique and special as he had always wanted to sing well. He loved his lessons with Brian... So much so he kept them on after his block" - Veronica

"Sam wanted singing lessons for fun and I thought Brian would be ideal. He loves going to his singing lessons and has a spring in his step every time he goes. Sam loves singing Disney songs and after 9 months he sat his grade 2 exam and got awarded a distinction - I'm so proud thanks to Brian!" - Maureen, mother of Sam

Male & Female Vocal Lessons

Learn to sing at your own pace, developing your confidence and ability through singing the music that you are passionate about! I have a lot of experience tutoring beginner student, as well as more advanced pupils, so not matter your level I have the singing lessons that will enable you to reach your full vocal potential.

Let Singing Lessons Glasgow be your guide to unlocking that powerful tool within you, anyone can sing, why not you?!

Learn to Sing
"I just wanted to write to you to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to you for working with Axel, he absolutely loves coming to see you and really looks forward to his classes with you! He also sent me two small extracts from his class yesterday, and I found them to be really amazing! He also told me how talented you are and how lucky he is to have you as his teacher!" - Helen, Parent