Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Glasgow

Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Glasgow

With such a musical pedigree in the city, what with the venues and the famous bands born there, you undoubtedly have a lot to live up to. But never fear, you will be in the capable hands of Glasgow's numerous recording and rehearsal spaces, where you can turn those ideas into reality. Here is Singing Lessons Glasgow's guide to the best of Glasgow's answers to Abbey Road.

Glasgow Music Studios is located centrally at 7 & 9 Osborne Street, G1 5QN, and provides a highly-praised service for a relatively low price. The standard rate is £30 per hour for recording and mixing, but the studio offers various packages, each with incremental savings the more time you spend in the studio. These range from the Bronze package at £150 for 5 hours, to the Platinum package at £1250 for 5 days, saving you £250. If these prices sound quite high, do check out the sound samples on the website, you will surely not be disappointed, with a big list of music recordings to listen to, along with glowing appraisals, this studio is one to put on the list if you are thinking about turning your amateur ideas into a professional recording. The studio not only offers to record but also boasts four studios all set-up and ready for rehearsal. Prices for 3 hours range from £28 to £32 and with this you get access to the superbly set up rooms and the top equipment, to save you all that extra energy that you will need to put into your songwriting. For the discerning buyer, Glasgow Music Studios also offers recording gifts, a great choice for the songwriter in your life's birthday or Christmas.

Lofi Studios is primarily a rehearsal space but with a crucial twist, live recording facilities are equipped inside every room, free of charge. This means that you can just press record while rehearsing and have those on-the-fly ideas immediately preserved. Part of the Merchant's House building, the studio is in a great location, opposite food outlets and served by great transport links, the inside is just as well equipped, with comforts like Wi-Fi access and a television lounge proving ideal in that recording downtime. The important equipment is no less worthy, with Marshall and Orange amplifiers surrounded by professionally treated and soundproofed rooms makes Lofi Studios truly one to consider. Prices are astoundingly low, with 3 hours recording from just £18, at off-peak times. So if you have a band, or are just an individual, why not check out Lofi Studios, hit that record button and see where your ideas take you, space provides the ideal place for creativity, uninterrupted by the bustle of everyday life. Head to 20 Anchor Lane, George Square, G1 2HW to give it a go.

CaVa sound is one of those rare studios in which cutting-edge technology is combined with vintage recording equipment, giving you the professional and economic advantages, while retaining the perfect sound that has been tried and tested for many years. Found at 30 Bentinck Street, G3 7TT, CaVa Sound has recently installed a 48 track mixing console, enabling them to cater to everyone's needs, no matter how big or small. The website lists in detail the amplifiers, mixing desks and pianos on offer, so you really know what to expect, an equipment list that doesn't leave many stones unturned. With a mastering service, too, the studio has an extensive range of previous clients, with a large amount of sample audio and video available for listening and viewing on their website. If singing is essentially important to you, the list of microphones should be enough to whet your appetite, with a long list, and the majority have more than one available, you truly should not be lost for words.

Central Sound Studio is a professional studio in the heart of Glasgow that has served clients such as Simple Minds and Glasvegas, to name but two in the near-endless list. With an equipment list as high-quality as this one, it is no wonder that famous bands and producers have employed the services of Central Sound in recent years. Top-of-the-range microphones, monitors and computers are facilitated by a selection of guitar amps, keyboards and drum kits, enabling you to get that perfect sound that you have paid good money for. On the subject of money, prices can vary according to your specific needs, but the website suggests around £200 for 8 hours of recording, which with the inclusion of a studio engineer and producer is not unreasonable at all. Editing and mixing are similarly priced according to your needs, while mastering tends to be from £45 per track, with a pre-listen service to ensure you get what you want. With such professionalism on offer, Central Sound appears to be a more pricey option, however, if you are really sure that your material is ready for the world, then get in contact or visit 61 Berkeley Street, G3 7DX to have a chat about what you can get out of the studio.

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